In Memory
Mike Poole
1971 - 2009

( Mike's 39th Birthday Cake )
( September 7th *1971 )
( Posted On My Facebook )
( September 7th *2010 )
( I Photo shopped This Cake Today )

I asked Everyone On
To TAG Themself TO the Cake
To Wish Mike
Happy Birthday

These are the Friends who Tagged Themself 

Jamie Eyrich
Jeremy Marler
Cindy J Lister * Jeremy's Mom
Carol Poole * Mike's Mom
Jenn Pohlmann * Mike's Sister
Justin Pohlmann
Mason & Maya Pohlmann
Teresa Toldness Suhling
Tyson Kanoya
 Michelle Rhodes
 Lo Freeman 
Chris Foster
 Ej Brumm
Tracy Thayer-Razor
 Clare Kanoya
 Shirl Corbett
 Susan Deiters Seabaugh
  Michelle Clemente Wright
 Michelle Weider 
Tadd Simmons
 Arista Haas
 Lisa Scully
  Terry Gourneau
 Adam Haack

Ronald David Selinger

( Thank you for Tagging yourself )
( To My Cake)
( That I made for Mike Today )

Here are some Messages from My Facebook
Where The Picture of the Cake was Shown!!


( I want to Thank to those who left me)
( Great Comment on My Facebook )